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Omar Abdelmoaty – kolloquium‬ fachhochschule potsdam

People often say : “How can I make a shift in my life? Why go somewhere new and start everything from zero point. How could I possibly just leave everything behind? .”

Well, here is a story of a young man, who just made the biggest shift in his life and became an alien in some different place.

About five years ago, I was just a student in a public school in Cairo, playing video games like any kid in my age, loving the graphics and the visual effects. I was very interested in how they create it. So I started learning computer graphics softwares like Photoshop and other programs. At this time I never thought it would be my career. In the last year of high-school I started earning money out of my work and I became more and more involved in design. I realized it’s the only thing I would love to do the rest of my life. Later I started studying at the German university in Cairo (GUC). I was very fascinated by my German professors so I decided to follow their steps and study where they studied. It was not an easy decision, I was only 18, I  was about to leave my family for the first time and move to Germany and so I did. My first European country without even being able to speak German.

I felt like an alien! I spent a year learning the language, trying to understand what’s being said around me, completely different culture, different rules and a different lifestyle. I started my study in FH-Potsdam. What I learned until now was not only design! I learned how to observe, experiment, adopt and emerge and  this was all I needed to in order not to be an alien anymore.

In this Book you will find the whole story of me turning into a human.


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